If you ventured back far enough through the fossil record of the internet, you would discover that Go out of Tune began as a blog, a journal of sorts that documented the experiences of one musician playing open mics and busking around the world. The blog’s original form morphed into a vast database of open mic nights: where to find them, when they were and what they supplied. An invaluable resource for musicians, where they could (and still can) also add their own experiences of each night.

Go out of Tune left the waters of the world wide web and struck out onto terra firma when its very own open mic started in London. Now with a string of open mic and gig nights under its belt, GOOT has offered a performance platform and an attentive audience to a plethora of talented artists. Its most recent venture, a collaboration with Sanctuary at St John’s church in Hoxton, has given birth to a series of unique gigs in an enchanting, fairy-light-illuminated setting.

Live Sessions | Showreel

In the summer of 2016, Go out of Tune added another string to its metaphorical bow when it branched off into music video production. The so-called One Shot Sessions are the main feature of this arm of the ever-growing brand, and they showcase the talents of several up-and-coming musicians. Check out the Live Sessions highlights video above on this page before falling down a YouTube rabbit hole of full-length videos here.

This brings us to the present day, and to the point of this first post: Go out of Tune is resurrecting its blog, revisiting the place where this journey began. This time, however, instead of the musings of one musician, the Go out of Tune blog will host posts about artists, gigs, music releases, trends and the rest, written by people from all walks of life. The individuals writing only need one thing in common – a love for the sonic art form.

The evolution of GOOT's logo

The aim of this new (or revived) venture is to make the Go out of Tune website a favourite for music lovers, not just for musicians (who can still use it to find details of gigs in London or to find out about filming a One Shot Session). Hopefully you find value in the upcoming content – maybe you will learn a thing or two about the London music scene, or maybe you will discover a new artist or a new local gig night. Whatever this blog is for you, make some noise and share the musical love by heeding those first few words you read: tell a friend!