We love to collaborate with music lovers. Here are the links to the buddies who help us making GOOT great!
Want to collaborate with us? Drop us a line!

Common People Open Mic
For two consecutive years, the GOOT Live Sessions were the prizes of the competition hosted by Common People: The Showdown.
St John's Hoxton
Home of our monthly gig Live at St John's, which has been running for more than 2 years now. Fantastic venue, community and welcome people.
Sixty Sixty Sounds
This great music shop on Denmark street is sometimes the home of fantastic video shooting.
Café 1001
The Café 1001 was the home of our very first open mic in London. The open mic is not running there anymore, but we're thankful of the help brought by Café 1001.
Old Street Records
The basement of the great venue Old Street Records in Shoreditch is hosting loads of the GOOT Sessions.


Go and check out our talented friends' work, it's worth a look.

Indie French filmmaker, we're thankful for all the help ACFilms provided to GOOT, check out his great work!
Located underneath St John's Church, the talented YODO team has been helping us in the creation of music videos.